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Webdesign & Development. Handmade.

S i t e   C o n s t r u c t i o n

ABOUT ME: I am a webdesigner and front-end Web developer and I design and code individual web pages. My technical knowledge is supported by substantial experience in fine art and photography and a strong sense for visual communication design and layout.
Websites for the arts and artist's portfolios are one of my special fields.

I also build prototypes and can be consulted to advise on existing sites and/or make partial updates or renovate outdated sites.
I am curently mainly based in Berlin, but have lived in London most of my life and continue to work for UK clients, including various digital media agencies.

By 'hand-made' I mean that I can design, plan and make sites from scratch without using design templates or frameworks.

If required, I work with graphic designers (i.e. for logo-design) and should a site require some hard-core back-end coding, I know where to get additional geek-power. This collaboration creates a team that can do a lot!

Prizes: If quoting for a project, I will estimate the hours that will be needed. Based on an hourly rate of £45, I will then calculate a guaranteed flat rate.

I look forward to your enquiries
E-Mail: klaus@fhxb.de
mobile UK: +44 7956 448 231
mobile Germany: +49 176 550 25485

Some examples of pages, I made:

My own artist's page: museumclausum.org

A template for a booking site for city guides : kontext.berlin

more here imminently ...